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Got a super-sized Pop collection as large as The Incredible Hulk? You wish... 

While we can’t promise you a PopCase the size of your favourite superhero, our Large In the Box PopCase can display up to 8 Pops. 

Not only are they wall mountable, but they can also be stacked, and with 2 colours to choose from, the Large In the Box PopCase is the generous home your Pop Vinyl collection deserves. 

Constantly adding to your collection? The sliding door feature means that you can mix up what you display whenever you feel like it. 

Check out the assembly instructions for a step by step guide to building your PopCase. 


    • Black
    • White

    Product Specifications:

      • Outer (cm) - 98 L x 13 W x 20 H
      • Inner (cm) - 95 L x 11.5 W x 17 H
      • Weight - 6.3 kg
      • Materials - MDF and clear acrylic