Pop Vinyl Shelves

Whether your Pop Vinyl collection is already taking over your home or you’ve got big plans to grow your Pop army, please do not fear, the end game is definitely not near. From your favourite fantasy characters to the basketball team that you can’t get enough off, say hello to our biggest Funko Pop display shelves, The Large Original PopCase.

For those of you that put your Pops on a pedestal, The Original PopCase is exactly what you’ve been looking for over the years. Display shelves? More like the answer to your collectable prayers! Our Pop Vinyl shelves mean that you can finally rid yourself of untidy last resorts and replace them with secure, safe and high-quality Funko Pop display shelves designed to fit the largest collection sizes.

The Large Original PopCase

When your Pop Vinyl collection starts to grow, it can become a little tough to display your Pops in the way that they deserve. Instead, display your pride and joy in all their glory with the help of The Original PopCase. After years of searching for a product that doesn’t exist, the team at The Original PopCase decided that enough was enough. Our vision was simple; simple and professional Pop Vinyl shelves designed to display the apple of your eye in a spacious and customisable manner.

After sourcing premium quality materials to craft our engineer designed, lightweight Pop displays, we’re bringing our vision to life with your help. We stock our classic black or white shelves in a range of sizes, and The Large PopCase displays up to 10 out of the box Pops, or 8 if you’re an in the box collector. Easily assembled in just 4 easy steps, hang or stack your Funko Pop display shelves and get your Pop Vinyl out and proud, whatever you decide.

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When it comes to Pop enthusiasts, we’re you go-to destination. After extensive research and a long history of Pop collecting and lack of displaying, you can trust that your custom-built high-quality shelves are what’s missing from your Pop Vinyl collection.

If you’d like more information regarding our products, all you need to do is reach out! Just contact the team on and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.