Create The Ultimate Nerd Cave

Create The Ultimate Nerd Cave

As you can probably tell we’re a huge bunch of nerds here at Pop Case.- and damn proud of it!

In our spare time (when we aren’t talking all things pop related), we do cover a number of other interesting topics. This week we got to talking about something pretty relatable. So good in fact, we thought it would only be right to share it with you all.

You’ve probably heard of the whole ‘man cave’ thing, right?  

Well, we’ve decided that a man cave certainly won’t do. Nope. For us, it’s all about the… nerd cave.

One special space for us to do as much nerdy stuff as we want, whenever we want. The dream.

Sure, we’re all into different things. From games and TV shows to movies, books and even art, there’s a lot of bases to cover in terms of perfect the nerd space. So, we combined some of our favourite things, to create what we like to call, the ‘ultimate nerd cave’.


Oh, we can only dream! The ultimate nerd cave deserves the ultimate gaming setup; that’s a given. Equipped with a top of the range gaming PC or old school cabinet’s featuring a modern LCD display, play classic pre-installed games or your latest from the gaming world.


Do we even need to explain why? You love your comic books, so why wouldn’t you want to display them for the whole world (or just your mates) to see? Create a designated area where you can frame your favourite comics, put them on shelves, or even by displaying them in plastic sheet protectors in a ring binder.


No self-respecting nerd would leave the walls in their nerd cave empty. Liven up your cave with wall art depicting some of your favourite characters. But don’t rush your choice! Whether it’s a quirky superhero canvas or a life-size replica of Darth Vader, make sure that you’re willing to wait when it comes to completing your dream room.


Being able to play your favourite tunes, watch movies and TV series on tap is a non-negotiable. And you’re going to want to go all out, right? Within reason, opt for a huge screen with a high-resolution HDTV so that you can really take in all of the details (even if you’ve seen them 2376503 times). Make sure you set up comfortably opposite your seating area – nerd cave necessity.


One of the best parts of the cave. Showcasing your favourite collectibles in the way that they deserve. While we might be a teeny bit biased, you’re going to want your pops displayed on shelving that’s both sleek and practical. Choose between our small, medium or large Pop Case displays depending on the size of your space and collection.


Comfortable seating is a must-have. A vital aspect of the nerd cave that you’re actually never going to want to leave. Depending on your space and budget, we’re thinking theatre-style seating that can fit you and a couple of mates. If not, a luxury recliner is your go-to. Like a modern-day Iron Throne, but way, way comfier.


You’re going to need a little storage as your collection of collectibles and other nerdy stuff grows bigger. If you’re working with little space, invest in storage that’ll double up as a table too. Come on, stuffing your face with pizza is bound to happen at some point.  Ooh, and a mini fridge for keeping beverages cool is talking to us too. 

While we haven’t put a price on the cave, there’s definitely a number of ways you can build your nerdy-looking heaven at various budgets. Excuse us while we go and figure out a room that we can actually do this in. Preferably one that our other halves and families approve of…