A Movember Roundup of the best Moustaches in Pop Culture

A Movember Roundup of the best Moustaches in Pop Culture

When November rolls around every year, so does an amazing cause.


Yep, it’s time to start growing that moustache people.

But why? Today, this leading charity is changing the face of men’s health. With a pledge to help men all over the globe live happier, healthier and longer lives, the Movember Foundation funds a number of projects surrounding prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention. Truly incredible. And all you guys need to do is grow out your upper-lip facial hair to raise awareness.

Since we’re celebrating Movember and the moustache (hate it or love it), we thought we’d take the time to celebrate some of our favourite moustaches in pop culture too. 

Yosemite Sam

The only redhead on this list, and possibly our second favourite redhead of all time (Ron Weasley, we love you), we have Bugs Bunny’s toughest arch nemesis. This angry little guy made his first official appearance as a looney tunes character back in May 1945, in episode ‘Hare Trigger’. While his fiery persona and quick temper is always  super fun to watch, the truth is that his ‘mo is truly Movember worthy - we can’t take our eyes off his ridiculously long walrus like ’stache. Or those tiny, tiny little cowboy boots. Gold. 

Captain Hook

Sure, he’s blood thirsty. Yes, his main mission in life is to seek revenge on a young boy. And you’ve got it, he’s a teeny tiny bit evil… BUT he sure as hell has an extraordinary moustache. It’s our favourite pirate (besides Jack Sparrow) - the wonderfully cunning Captain Hook. This infamous antagonist from Disney’s 1953 animated feature film Peter Pan sports long dark hair to rival Pocahontas and has an incredibly striking thin black moustache that angles extremely sharply upwards. A humorous and charming villain, if you ask us, it’s his ‘mo that makes him who he is. And the hook hand, we suppose. 

Ned Flanders

Oh Ned. What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man. Homer Simpson’s excessively religious neighbour Ned Flanders has made our list and we stand by it. Loved for cheerful catchphrases such as “Hey-Diddly-Ho!” and “Godspeed lil' doodle!”, his facial hair even has a number of nicknames. For real. Referred to as ‘Nose Neighbor’, ‘Mr. Tickles’ and ‘The Soup Strainer’  his moustache even led him to some sticky situations. Our favourite? When he got his ‘stache vacuumed off after what was thought to be a leprosy stricken Homer, decided to kiss him. Bless you, Ned.

Mario and Luigi

There’s no salt without pepper. No Jack without Rose. No Han Solo without Chewbacca. And there sure as hell is no Mario without Luigi. Our favourite Nintendo characters have brought us and our families and friends a lot of joy (and addiction) over the years. Mario, a plumber from the fictional land of Mushroom Kingdom and his baby bro Luigi were created by Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. While he blessed us with the Mario franchise, he blessed our favourite brothers with incredible facial hair that most of us could only dream about. And outfits that make dress up parties pretty fun too. 

Hulk Hogan

One of the World Wrestling Federation’s most beloved wrestlers since back in the 1980’s, he’s well known for his somewhat over-the-top flashiness and we love it. Well, it wouldn’t be right not to include  Hulk Hogan. And when we say over-the-top, the guy refers to his own fans as "Hulkamaniacs". But what is he really famous for? His extremely blonde horseshoe moustache of course. This alone, makes him one of the most iconic characters from the wrestling world. You wish you could grow a monster like that.

While we’d love you to read about our favourite moustaches all day, we’d prefer you to check out the Movember foundation and donate for a good cause. 

Donate here: https://au.movember.com/donate